LEJog – The Charities

110 days to go, 3 Charities to raise funds and awareness, 12 trains and 4 buses, 976.64 miles for the Main Challenge and 640.18 miles Return Journey, start and finish in Wolverhampton.

Help Harry Help Others (www.hhho.org.uk) SoBS (Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide) (uk-sobs.org.uk) and Prostate Cancer UK (prostatecanceruk.org) three great causes with special meanings to me ..

Help Harry Help Others is a charity based in Birmingham, West Midlands and founded by Harry Moseley’s mom Georgie. I became involved in 2012 after reading about Harry and also at the time raising funds for Brain Tumour UK after losing my brother in 2005 to a Grade 4 GlioBlastoma Tumour, I first met Georgie when she did the Olympic Torch run in West London carrying on the dream for Harry, Help Harry is close to me because it’s a small charity run by a small team and any monies raised goes to where it is meant to go apart from obvious running costs ..   Read a bit about the Charity below  also watch a video about Harry Moseley who passed away in October 2011


The Harry Moseley Story

Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide or SoBS for short is again a small charity that relies on donations and fundraising events to operate. The reason behind raising funds for this charity apart from myself being in a dark place a few years ago with depression and anxiety and feeling helpless (I used to try to deal with situations on my own but now after counselling I have learnt “it’s good to talk”) my daughter Emma lost her best friend 2 years ago, Katie taking her life so young, it affected my daughter and friends and Katie’s family a lot, even today they are still coming to terms with it, Emma and her friends do a Charity Race Night every year to raise monies and I wanted to do my little bit for the charity and raise a few quid so this is why I’m doing Lands End to John o Groats by bus and train. .. More about the Charity below 


The 3rd and final Charity is Prostate Cancer UK is a charity raising awareness of a disease that affects 47000 men every year and im raising funds for #PCUK because one of my friends Nick Roberts was diagnosed last year and is now fighting the dreaded illness ..

Read more below


I have a fundraising page Donate Here  also have a blog page of which this is the second

instalment   LEJoG 2017 Updates

At present my fundraising page as £300 plus gift aid of £7.50 and my sponsor forms where its pledge then pay when I have finished the event, I have been promised £135 in total so £165 towards my target of £1000, it’s a few months away but I’m hopeful of reaching it so anybody reading this please help and spread the word, the Virgin Moneygiving link is just above.

So there you are a bit about the Charities that make LEJoG a reality and a challenge but well worth every mile.


Author: the tykester

Married with 2 big kids and 2 step kids and 2 grandkids and 1 step granddaughter, live in Willenhall West Midlands, support Barnsley FC. I work for Virgin Trains

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