Charity Day for LEJoG


Nearly time for the big event in May but in the meantime myself and the landlord of the Ring o Bells Carl Goodall in my hometown of Willenhall have sorted a Charity Fundraising day for my 3 charities and a small Willenhall based charity called Substance Matters which helps homeless and people with addictions and relies on donations from events like mine.

Also I am hoping to have some help from Prostate Cancer UK Team Darts PCUK Team Darts to supply pin badges and stickers for the day.

Weather permitting we having a barbie, first one this year, live entertainment from another friend of mine Sean Horton, a raffle with some decent prizes thanks to the woman who can sell sand to the desert Diane Sargeant. Bouncy castle for the kids to run that energy off and of course the main event The Tykester (me) throwing darts for 12 hours, hoping to have a playing partner with me who will drop out when somebody donates either £1 £3 or £5 to throw darts against me, also hoping to beat the previous attempt I did with my workmate Neil Warner 3 years ago when  we threw 112 legs and 105000 points whilst raising funds for Help Harry Help Others.

Dont know how much we will raise on the day but 40% of the monies raised will go towards LEJoG and 60% will go to Substance Matters, at the time of writing I have raised £435 so creeping slowly to the half way point and over the next few weeks will push it a bit more to head towards my target of £1000.

Once again thanks to my main sponsor Thimbles Embroidery from Sheffield (Shirt Sponsor ), Ring o Bells Willenhall, Prostate Cancer UK, Help Harry Help Others, SoBS, my daughter Emma & her friends on behalf of SoBS.

Fundraising Page .. Donate here

Less than 50 days to the start now, I’m excited about it and cannot wait to be able to tick another thing off my bucket list.


Useless Facts about places on my LEJoG trip



Getting really close to my mad idea in May, thanks to everybody for reading my blog since I started it a few months ago 151 hits so far and didnt even expect 1 so its good to know the readings have interested some people.

My LEJoG trip involves stopping off at places along the route basically start, end and overnight stays at the end of each day so thought I would do a bit of googling and find some facts about the places Im stopping off at and also the start and finish places Lands End & John o Groats.

So first stop off will be on the Sunday night on my travelling day, Penzance 309 miles from Wolverhampton  and 11 miles from Lands End by bus ..

Penzance was once raided between 1595 & the 18th century by  pirates and Gilbert & Sullivans opera depicts it in The Pirates of Penzance.

The inventor of the miners lamp Sir Humphrey Davy was born in Penzance.

and 3rd fact about Penzance .. the town is twinned with 4 towns in Australia (Bendigo in 1996), France (Concarneau in 1982), USA (Nevada City in 1991) & Germany (Cuxhaven originally in 1967 reformed in 2009).

Lands End, the most westerly point of the UK is my start point on Day 1 after leaving Penzance early morning .. this part I am looking forward to, the scenic views, hopefully good weather and the start of my adventure ..


Lands End Cornish name Pen an Wlas means “end of the earth”.

Lands End is 838 miles from John o Groats, the most easterly point of the UK.

Lands End is at least 10000 years old and its cliffs plunge 200foot towards the Atlantic Ocean.

Day 1 ends in Carlisle at hopefully 8pm, railway permitting, after travelling back to Penzance then to Plymouth & Birmingham ..

Carlisle was the place where the first mainland postbox was placed in Botchergate in 1853.

The Longest motorway stretch ends in Carlisle 226 miles from where it starts in Rugby.

Eddie Stobart .. the world famous transport company .. as been based in Carlisle since 1976.


Another long day awaits on Day 2 from Carlisle to Wick via Carstairs, Haymarket and Inverness, and a scenic trip up the Far North Line through some of the most remote areas in Scotland ..

Inverness is known as “The Capital of the Highlands” and is a seaport and transportation town.

Twinned with 3 towns ..  Augsberg in Germany and La Baule & Saint Valery en Caux in France.

The Gaelic king Mac Bethad Mac Findláich (MacBeth) whose 11th-century murder of King Duncan was immortalised in Shakespeare‘s play Macbeth, held a castle within the city.

Inverness to Wick is a long 4 hour journey through some remote places on single track railway bringing Day 2 to an end and hopefully a view of the Aurora Borearlis (Northern Lights) if visibility is good.

Wick is the home of the smallest street in the world Ebeneezer Place which is 6foot 9 inces wide and fronted by a narrow building recognised by the Council in 1886.

Wick is 20 miles from John o Groats and is home to the most Northernly Wetherspoons pub “The Alexander Bain”.

It is twinned with Klaksvik in the Faroe Islands although open to debate at present because of the Faroese practice of hunting and eating pilot whales.


So Day 3 arrives and culmination of a marathon trek by bus and train leaving Wick by train to Thurso before a bus to John o Groats and 976 miles later MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

Thurso is home to the most Northerly railway Station in Britain.

3 Car Park Spaces & 3 Bike Spaces are at the station.

River Thurso is 34 miles long and well known for salmon fishing.


John o Groats was named after Dutch explorer Jan de Groot.

The population is only 300 people as of 2007.

The village has 2 football teams John o Groats FC & Johno Groats Juniors.

Johno Groats is either the start or finish of LEJoG or JoGLE (the shortened version of Lands End to John o Groats or John o Groats to Lands End)





Short & Sweet .. a few Thank You’s

67 days to go before I start LEJoG, £409 promised or donated so far towards my target of £1000 (Donation Page) . This blog going to be short and sweet and all about a few thank you’s to people and charities that have helped make this challenge a reality.


LEJoG is all about three charities which have personal meanings to me and are close to my heart, I spoke about them in Blog 2 (The Charities).

Starting off with thanks to the team at Help Harry Help Others based at Meadway, Birmingham. Thank You to Jon, Kelly, Ryan and Georgie for your support and help. Georgie is Harry’s mom who founded the charity after Harry passed away in 2011 from a brain tumour and I became involved in 2012. I have designed a special LEJoG bracelet based round the route from Cornwall, England, Scotland and all three charities. Help Harry is based in probably one of the first all under one roof Cancer Drop In Centres, where people can get any advice or information they need, check out The Cancer Drop In Centre for more information about what the centre does.20170308_082806

My contact at Prostate Cancer UK was Michael Banks who provided me with T Shirts, PCUK bracelets and the now world-famous stick man that is worn everywhere especially by BDO & PDC Darts players. My inspirations for using this charity is from Martin Adams the BDO darts player who has been through prostate cancer and more personally my close friend Nick Roberts who is going through treatment for prostate cancer.


The third charity is a very personal one to me Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide (or SoBS for short), like Help Harry Help Others is a small charity that relies on donations to keep going, it is a charity that my daughter and her friends are involved with after losing her friend Katie nearly 3 years ago. My daughter and Katie’s friends and family received amazing support so I decided I wanted to do my bit and raise funds for SoBS, they like the other charities provided me with T Shirts and information about what they do and what support is available. I did have some bracelets designed in the SoBS colours of purple and white.


A few thank you’s now to Rob Watson, one of my workmates at Virgin Trains at Birmingham International who worked out the best prices for my train tickets.

Tony Cooks and Mark Howells who have been great support for my mad idea which is now a reality and the closer it gets I definitely think it’s a mad idea but something I can tick off as a one-off event and it will be.

One of my sponsors Henry Clark from Thimbles Embroidery in Sheffield who has sponsored my T Shirt and polo shirt I designed and he provided. Have a look at Thimbles Embroidery 

I am still looking for sponsors for LEJoG, email me at

Another thank you to Sean Griffiths who has provided me with the “Thank You” business cards I will leave at the hotels and start and finish points along with bracelets and information to spread the word nationally hopefully raise more awareness.

I have used web pieces and YouTube videos on my blogs to add a bit of information and pictures so thank you to everybody for their uses, David Ross for the Far North Line read  up.

Vistaprint made me a flag for my LEJoG (I did have to pay for this), a design I did myself.

the flag-crop

So that’s just a few thank you’s and a bit behind them all, the closer the date comes the more I think why am I doing this and then I realise it’s to raise funds for three great charities Help Harry Help Others, Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide and Prostate Cancer UK

Help Harry Help Others website

Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide website

Prostate Cancer UK website

LEJoG Donation page