LEJoG is alive ..The Tykester on Tour


Travelling Day is dedicated to all 3 Charities .. Help Harry Help Others, Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide & Prostate Cancer UK


Well it’s here and it’s happening 955 miles of travel from end to end in fingers crossed 23 hours 21 minutes but that is based on buses and railway behaving .. so I leave Penzance to Lands End tomorrow morning at 0630 and arrive in John o Groats at 0915 on Wednesday morning but today was all about travelling down for an overnight stay to prepare for the journey.

Arrived at Wolverhampton Station at 11amish to meet up with Simon,raj & Lucy not forgetting Josh who looked after Platform 1 while we were doing the photo thing, as I have said before I work for Virgin Trains and have had support from my guys at Birmingham International and Wolverhampton andtomorrow when I arrive at Carlisle got support from those guys and girls there too.


I left Wolves for Birmingham New Street a little earlier than planned because on arrival at New Street I would have to get from Platform 4C to Platform 11B which is a fair trek when you are carrying a holdall, a rucksack and a laptop bag so thats why I decided on a little extra time. Trains left on time from Wolves and New Street which I thought was a good omen, I even got a seat to myself until we reached Swindon.d7

The journey south was very scenic, saw lots green fields and sheep & cows but not a lot else.

I did find it difficult to get an Internet signal and it was very inconsistent that is why it’s 1118pm and im updating my blog even though I have an early start. the weather as been warm and sunny all day from leaving the Midlands all the way down to Cornwall.

Just a thought too that until today the furthest south I have been was Taunton so I have beaten that by a lot of miles today.

Leaving Exeter at 1605 and my 3rd train of the day was probably best part of the journey the scenery and views were amazing

I videoed the trip along the Dawlish Sea Wall on the journey to Penzance & a well earned beer and food, I will upload the video when I get chance, the sea was fairly calm but I can imagine what it can be like when it is stormy.

So I arrived in Penzance  8 hours and 14 minutes after leaving Wolverhampton and thinking about it I could fly to the USA or Jamaica in the same time.

So travel day complete and tomorrow May 15th is officially Day 1 of LEJoG bu bus and train and a 501 mile trek by 2 buses and 3 trains to Carlisle and a meet up with my VT colleagues.

Weather forecast not looking good at the minute so anything can happen but hopefully things will go to plan.

I will update as much as I can during the day on my FB page, Instagram & Twitter feeds then blog again tomorrow night when I get to my B&B in Carlisle.

Still got time to donate too,Im £85 off my target  check out

Donate Here please.. every penny helps


Author: the tykester

Married with 2 big kids and 2 step kids and 2 grandkids and 1 step granddaughter, live in Willenhall West Midlands, support Barnsley FC. I work for Virgin Trains

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