LEJoG Day 3.. Wick to Inverness via John o Groats .. MISSION COMPLETED

Day 3 is dedicated to Prostate Cancer UK & my friend Nick Roberts going through the journey

“The Road is Long and the end is insight .. LEJoG by bus and train MISSION COMPLETE”


8 months of planning, 47+ hours of travelling by bus and train and now at 0840 on May 17th I’m on my way to John o Groats, emotional, tired, both mentally and physically drained but all the support, texts, phone calls, conversations I have had with people along the way since Monday have kept me going and pushing me to the end, also knowing Im close to my target of £1000 which thanks to Jonathan yesterday on the train to Wick will take it closer when I open the tin when I get home tomorrow (Thursday). I have enjoyed explaining the story behind the charities, why I have chosen those charities and also what I am doing bus and train.

After starting on Monday in the most horrendous weather conditions at Lands End, I now head towards John o Groats in beautiful sunny, warm weather, somebody was definitely watching down on me today, I have seen the most stunning sunsets, moon & sunrises that I probably wont ever see anywhere else in Britain, only thing missing was the Northern Lights I wanted to see.

So left Wick on the 77 Bus towards John o Groats at 0845 5 minutes late, 20 minutes later I was at The Seaview Hotel, 10 minutes earlier than scheduled, I walked and videoed the final 500 yards to the sign post.

The Final 500 yards

When I reached the finish line (the sign post) first thing I did was throw my holdall and rucksack towards the post and took a picture then took more pictures with my sponsored shirt on also my Prostate Cancer UK shirt & Team Darts PCUK shirt, after all today was all about and dedicated to PCUK but it also meant I had reached my goal of End to End by bus and train

I put the LEJoG flag & Willenhall flag at the bottom of the sign post ( and when I left it was still there), probably in the Atlantic heading for America now. While I was at the signpost I got talking to this man from Warrington who was working at Dounreay , and again explained about what my shirts and journey was all about.

I couldn’t go home without a souvenir and because Lands End was closed, John o Groats came to the rescue for a fridge magnet and pin badge, I also got my Lands End to JoG form signed and stamped both at the Information Centre and The First & Last Shop. it was time for my bus to Thurso ready to start the long journey home, I would be staying in Inverness before heading home tomorrow. On arrival in Thurso I had a couple of hours before my train back to Inverness again on the Far North Line, time to update stuff or so I thought, the internet in Scotland over the last few days have been poor so I gave up.

My time on the journey from Lands End to John o Groats have given me plenty of thinking tim and I have also met the most friendly people who have been interested in what I was doing and what the charities were about and if from what I have said inspires them to help or make a change or even sort their own health problems out (yes some people I spoke to were going through their own journey).

I have completed what I set out to do and that was Lands End to John o Groats and apart from raising money that was to raise awareness ..

HELP HARRY HELP OTHERS – Help Cope, Help Care, Help Cure

PROSTATE CANCER UK – Check your bits if you think something is wrong

SURVIVORS OF BEREAVEMENT BY SUICIDE – Dont be afraid to talk, you are not alone, Its okay not to be okay

Inverness for me was my celebration night, after completing my trek and limiting myself, it was time to enjoy and relax so another Wetherspoons ticked off The Kings Highway and a bar called Hootananny which had live Celtic Music on and was amazing to watch. Got back to my BnB and had best nights sleep since I set off on Sunday knowing my journey was at an end and my target was so close.


Author: the tykester

Married with 2 big kids and 2 step kids and 2 grandkids and 1 step granddaughter, live in Willenhall West Midlands, support Barnsley FC. I work for Virgin Trains

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