Official LEJoG Route by bus & train overview


Finally got round to working out the official route I used for LEJoG based on the bus operators for First Kernow (Cornwall), Stagecoach North Scotland & the rail route using the proper rail miles (RAILMILESsite.


A railway line is measured in miles and chains, 1 chain is equal to 0.0125 miles. The distance from Lands End to Penzance as I was informed by the driver is 11 miles and from Wick to John o Groats along the coast on the 77 bus is 19 miles. Adding the 4 different stages together on the train section of my journey, the mileage is 924 miles then adding the chains together is 1.82 miles so its 925.82 miles in total. Overall Mileage then is 955.82 miles.

Bus 1A from Lands End to Penzance

Trains from Penzance to Plymouth, Plymouth to Birmingham New Street,

Birmingham New Street to Carlisle (DAY 1)

Trains from Carlisle to Carstairs, Carstairs to Haymarket, Haymarket to Perth

(additional train disruption), Perth to Inverness, Inverness to Wick (DAY 2)

Bus 77 from Wick to John o Groats (DAY 3)

So Official Route used 2 buses and 8 trains and the travelling down and return journey used 2 buses and 6 trains.


I am now an Official “End to Ender” member of the Lands End to John o Groats Association.


At the latest count I have raised £1083 for Help Harry Help Others, Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide & Prostate Cancer UK, still got time to donate DONATE HERE



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