The Final Update

The end of this blog is near, from starting the planning last September to finally completing LEJoG on May 17th, it’s been an amazing adventure, ups and downs, highs and lows, plan and replan and fine tune, that’s what this as been all about as well as raising funds for three Charities that are close to my heart and all have personal meanings to me in various ways .. Help Harry Help Others, Prostate Cancer UK and Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide.

Since completing the mad idea of Lands End to John o Groats I have become a member of the Lands End to John o Groats Association (LEJoG Association), the association recognises anybody that as done LEJoG or the opposite JoGLE by any means whether that is like I did by transport, or cycling, walking or any other ways. I will receive my Certificate in January at the Annual Weekend in Torquay if I can make it otherwise it will be posted to me.


Fundraising wise it definitely as blown me away, I didn’t expect to raise what I have and back in March I was going to lower my target because I thought a £1000 was impossible, how wrong I was, at the latest I have raised £1100, not a lot over my target but every penny helps and I still have a few things to go to auction on 23rd June, I’ll post an update to this page when I have the figures because after that I will be closing my fundraising page at the end of July then I can sort out the split of the monies raised and the cheque presentations  to each charity which at the minute works out about £363 for each charity.


Downside of it for me was a few people being forgetful that they sponsored me but I have paid the money, it wasn’t much but my charities wont go without and I will get the money of these people anyway because I still have the original sponsor sheets.

I have really enjoyed doing this blog from Day 1 when I did bits about how a perfect LEJoG would work to actually talking about the Charities and finishing off with the REAL LEJoG and how it nearly went pear-shaped and end at LECarstairs but got back on track just a little later and 651 views later shows it was worthwhile to do, I now follow a couple of people who are part way through LEJoG or JoGLE walking end to end, Dave Johnson who is raising money for Prostate Cancer UK by doing JoGLE (Dave Johnson blog) he is 47 days in to his journey, and a couple of Aussies Andrew & Danielle who are also doing JoGLE (Andrew & Danielle’s blog)

Until the end of July you still have chance to donate to my page LEJoG Donation page so please spare a few quid, price of a pint and help me raise a little more.

I will add a little update to this page when I have a final total after I close my fundraising page but just leaves me to say THANK YOU to everybody that as supported me, donated to my journey and also took time out to read my blog, it is really appreciated and makes all this worthwhile.