Update 160 Days on since LEJoG by bus and train ..


Been a few days since I posted anything but a quick update for you all that’s read and followed my epic journey back in May, over 870 views.

Since I finished the end to end, I have got a final total of £1125 for 3 charities which as a reminder are Help Harry Help Others, Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide and Prostate Cancer UK,the split was £375 per charity which include a small donation towards SoBS because of the way the fundraising website split the funds.


I have done the usual presentation pictures for 2 of the charities, the 3rd one is proving slightly difficult to arrange but will happen soon.

Here I am with Georgie Moseley the patron and chairperson of Help Harry Help Others at the Birmingham Cancer Support Drop In Centre, which came to life out of HHHO.

I have also done a presentation towards Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide, my daughter representing them although most of the fundraising for the charity is done by her friends .. this was in memory of Katie B (my daughters closest friend who gained her wings too young).

I have only the Prostate Cancer UK presentation to do and that will follow soon I hope.

I have also become a member of the Lands End to John o groats Association which is the official place where any type of “End to End” adventure is recognised whether it be walking, cycling, travel by public transport or any other means. I received an Official membership card and also had my story of the journey published in the Quo Vadis magazine which members receive 3 times per year, I will get my certificate posted to me in January after the annual awards and presentation night they have which unfortunately I cannot attend.

So here is The Tykester signing out from this blog officially now, it’s here forever to read and hopefully encourage others to try the LEJoG or JoGLE by whatever means they want to and gives you an insight into what it involves from a planning stage onwards to completion.


The Final Update

The end of this blog is near, from starting the planning last September to finally completing LEJoG on May 17th, it’s been an amazing adventure, ups and downs, highs and lows, plan and replan and fine tune, that’s what this as been all about as well as raising funds for three Charities that are close to my heart and all have personal meanings to me in various ways .. Help Harry Help Others, Prostate Cancer UK and Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide.

Since completing the mad idea of Lands End to John o Groats I have become a member of the Lands End to John o Groats Association (LEJoG Association), the association recognises anybody that as done LEJoG or the opposite JoGLE by any means whether that is like I did by transport, or cycling, walking or any other ways. I will receive my Certificate in January at the Annual Weekend in Torquay if I can make it otherwise it will be posted to me.


Fundraising wise it definitely as blown me away, I didn’t expect to raise what I have and back in March I was going to lower my target because I thought a £1000 was impossible, how wrong I was, at the latest I have raised £1100, not a lot over my target but every penny helps and I still have a few things to go to auction on 23rd June, I’ll post an update to this page when I have the figures because after that I will be closing my fundraising page at the end of July then I can sort out the split of the monies raised and the cheque presentations  to each charity which at the minute works out about £363 for each charity.


Downside of it for me was a few people being forgetful that they sponsored me but I have paid the money, it wasn’t much but my charities wont go without and I will get the money of these people anyway because I still have the original sponsor sheets.

I have really enjoyed doing this blog from Day 1 when I did bits about how a perfect LEJoG would work to actually talking about the Charities and finishing off with the REAL LEJoG and how it nearly went pear-shaped and end at LECarstairs but got back on track just a little later and 651 views later shows it was worthwhile to do, I now follow a couple of people who are part way through LEJoG or JoGLE walking end to end, Dave Johnson who is raising money for Prostate Cancer UK by doing JoGLE (Dave Johnson blog) he is 47 days in to his journey, and a couple of Aussies Andrew & Danielle who are also doing JoGLE (Andrew & Danielle’s blog)

Until the end of July you still have chance to donate to my page LEJoG Donation page so please spare a few quid, price of a pint and help me raise a little more.

I will add a little update to this page when I have a final total after I close my fundraising page but just leaves me to say THANK YOU to everybody that as supported me, donated to my journey and also took time out to read my blog, it is really appreciated and makes all this worthwhile.





Official LEJoG Route by bus & train overview


Finally got round to working out the official route I used for LEJoG based on the bus operators for First Kernow (Cornwall), Stagecoach North Scotland & the rail route using the proper rail miles (RAILMILESsite.


A railway line is measured in miles and chains, 1 chain is equal to 0.0125 miles. The distance from Lands End to Penzance as I was informed by the driver is 11 miles and from Wick to John o Groats along the coast on the 77 bus is 19 miles. Adding the 4 different stages together on the train section of my journey, the mileage is 924 miles then adding the chains together is 1.82 miles so its 925.82 miles in total. Overall Mileage then is 955.82 miles.

Bus 1A from Lands End to Penzance

Trains from Penzance to Plymouth, Plymouth to Birmingham New Street,

Birmingham New Street to Carlisle (DAY 1)

Trains from Carlisle to Carstairs, Carstairs to Haymarket, Haymarket to Perth

(additional train disruption), Perth to Inverness, Inverness to Wick (DAY 2)

Bus 77 from Wick to John o Groats (DAY 3)

So Official Route used 2 buses and 8 trains and the travelling down and return journey used 2 buses and 6 trains.


I am now an Official “End to Ender” member of the Lands End to John o Groats Association.


At the latest count I have raised £1083 for Help Harry Help Others, Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide & Prostate Cancer UK, still got time to donate DONATE HERE


Story behind The Real LEJoG by bus and train


When I first started my blog way back in January I started by writing about The Perfect LEJoG journey based on everything running okay with no problems or headaches so obviously now I have completed the trip I thought I would throw some final stats out there now I have caught up with everything and more or less finalised things.

From Start to Finish .. that’s from travelling to Penzance on May 14th through to returning home on May 18th .. the total travel times including waiting for buses and trains was 47 hours 53 minutes and travelling 1905.85 miles in total of which 955.83 miles was actual Lands End to John o Groats.

The first 2 days were the longest because I travelled as far north as possible including what I always knew would be a challenging second day and it definetely was a challenge with disruption along the way.


The picture above gives a breakdown of the REAL LEJoG including distances which I calculated using a web page RAILMILES and asking the bus driver the actual bus miles, the actual time spent travelling is shown too and the cost of all my tickets, you are wondering why its so cheap well if you remember I work for Virgin Trains and get discount on other train operators and free travel on our services of which 2 of the trips were Virgin Trains. train tickets cost me £73.90 and bus tickets cost me £17.50, it would have been cheaper if I had some change when travelling to Lands End on Day 1 but I had to pay twice £5.20 each way.


Above is another stat attack, I love statistics of any kind, a breakdown of the REAL LEJoG.

I stopped off at 4 different points along the way, overnight stays in Penzance, Carlisle, Wick & Inverness also ticked off 6 Wetherspoons too including the most southern and most northern. I have to date raised £1078 donated or pledged for 3 Chrities Help Harry Help Others, Survivors of Suicide by Bereavement & Prostate Cancer UK.




LEJoG Day 4 .. Inverness to Wolverhampton via Edinburgh .. Homeward Bound

Today is dedicated to HHHO, PCUK, SoBS & all my family and friends who have supported me along the way

Feel a little sad today, I have met some great people this week and also seen scenery and places I can only dream of, living in a city, countryside is a rarity unless you go to the outskirts of town or travel somewhere even the sunsets and sunrises I saw in Wick were amazing and I know I will never see anything like that in Wolverhampton or Willenhall where I live.

Leaving Inverness for my 2 connections home, changing at Perth & Inverness and after my first good nights sleep since arriving in Penzance 5 days before. The train left on time at 0845 for Perth and was fairly busy, I later found out Perth Races was happening.

We arrived in Perth early (makes a change), and yet another story to tell, it’s not every day you travel on the same train as Miss Great Britain. Short wait in Perth for my second train to Edinburgh and nearly home time, 1 hour 20 minutes to go before a 30 minute wait and my 6th Wetherspoons knocked off my list. As we approached Edinburgh the train actually cuts across the approach to the runway at Edinburgh Airport.

We arrived in Edinburgh on time, good signs for the rest of the journey, so The Booking Office Wetherspoons it was, sat on the bridge above Edinburgh Waverley station, time for a quick pint and relax before my last train home and a reunion with my wife.


Last train and 3 hours 41 minutes to home, again a busy train, part way into the journey I got talking to a couple who were travelling to London, spoke about what I had just completed and why, again a random donation to the fundraising, thank you Lynn Stoddart.

I arrived in Wolverhampton on time at 1633 and as I got off the train  Boris Johnson and his bodyguards got on the same train, again not everyday you bump into a “famous” politician or person.

The Finish Line was here, JOURNEY COMPLETE, LEJoG by bus and train is over

Just a matter now of collecting my pledged donations and raising as much money as possible. I opened the Charity Collection tin that Jonathan took round the Far North Line train on Day 2 and it contained £57, so again Thank You to those people who I have never met before, your generosity is appreciated.


Time for The Tykester to award his LEJoG by bus and train Awards based on my experiences from “End to End”

Best B&B : Harbour House, Wick & Arkale Lodge, Carlisle

Best Breakfast: Harbour House, Wick .. brought to my room, proper full breakfast.

Best Wetherspoons Food: The Alexander Bain, Wick

Not the best Wetherspoons food: The Kings Highway, Inverness

Best WiFi: Whiteways, Penzance

Worst WiFi: Harbour House, Wick .. couldn’t connect

Best Train Operator (not VT related): ScotRail

Worst Train Operator (not VT related): GWR

Total money spent (including trains, b&bs, food etc)  £338.16

and Finally a MASSIVE TYKESTER THANK YOU to everybody that as text, rang, facebooked me, tweeted me, Instagram likes & comments,

also to all the lovely people I have met on this journey from Lands End to John o Groats via Penzance, Carlisle, Inverness, Wick, Thurso and Edinburgh and finally back to Wolverhampton.


LEJoG Day 3.. Wick to Inverness via John o Groats .. MISSION COMPLETED

Day 3 is dedicated to Prostate Cancer UK & my friend Nick Roberts going through the journey

“The Road is Long and the end is insight .. LEJoG by bus and train MISSION COMPLETE”


8 months of planning, 47+ hours of travelling by bus and train and now at 0840 on May 17th I’m on my way to John o Groats, emotional, tired, both mentally and physically drained but all the support, texts, phone calls, conversations I have had with people along the way since Monday have kept me going and pushing me to the end, also knowing Im close to my target of £1000 which thanks to Jonathan yesterday on the train to Wick will take it closer when I open the tin when I get home tomorrow (Thursday). I have enjoyed explaining the story behind the charities, why I have chosen those charities and also what I am doing bus and train.

After starting on Monday in the most horrendous weather conditions at Lands End, I now head towards John o Groats in beautiful sunny, warm weather, somebody was definitely watching down on me today, I have seen the most stunning sunsets, moon & sunrises that I probably wont ever see anywhere else in Britain, only thing missing was the Northern Lights I wanted to see.

So left Wick on the 77 Bus towards John o Groats at 0845 5 minutes late, 20 minutes later I was at The Seaview Hotel, 10 minutes earlier than scheduled, I walked and videoed the final 500 yards to the sign post.

The Final 500 yards

When I reached the finish line (the sign post) first thing I did was throw my holdall and rucksack towards the post and took a picture then took more pictures with my sponsored shirt on also my Prostate Cancer UK shirt & Team Darts PCUK shirt, after all today was all about and dedicated to PCUK but it also meant I had reached my goal of End to End by bus and train

I put the LEJoG flag & Willenhall flag at the bottom of the sign post ( and when I left it was still there), probably in the Atlantic heading for America now. While I was at the signpost I got talking to this man from Warrington who was working at Dounreay , and again explained about what my shirts and journey was all about.

I couldn’t go home without a souvenir and because Lands End was closed, John o Groats came to the rescue for a fridge magnet and pin badge, I also got my Lands End to JoG form signed and stamped both at the Information Centre and The First & Last Shop. it was time for my bus to Thurso ready to start the long journey home, I would be staying in Inverness before heading home tomorrow. On arrival in Thurso I had a couple of hours before my train back to Inverness again on the Far North Line, time to update stuff or so I thought, the internet in Scotland over the last few days have been poor so I gave up.

My time on the journey from Lands End to John o Groats have given me plenty of thinking tim and I have also met the most friendly people who have been interested in what I was doing and what the charities were about and if from what I have said inspires them to help or make a change or even sort their own health problems out (yes some people I spoke to were going through their own journey).

I have completed what I set out to do and that was Lands End to John o Groats and apart from raising money that was to raise awareness ..

HELP HARRY HELP OTHERS – Help Cope, Help Care, Help Cure

PROSTATE CANCER UK – Check your bits if you think something is wrong

SURVIVORS OF BEREAVEMENT BY SUICIDE – Dont be afraid to talk, you are not alone, Its okay not to be okay

Inverness for me was my celebration night, after completing my trek and limiting myself, it was time to enjoy and relax so another Wetherspoons ticked off The Kings Highway and a bar called Hootananny which had live Celtic Music on and was amazing to watch. Got back to my BnB and had best nights sleep since I set off on Sunday knowing my journey was at an end and my target was so close.

LEJoG Day 2 .. A day to test the nerves Carlisle to Wick

DAY 2 is dedicated to Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide

(SoBS  Its okay to talk)

“Things come to test us!! If it goes wrong, it will be today”

My saying for today became so true after the first train of the day from Carlisle to Carstairs, I knew for LEJoG to finish on time and be perfectish the second day would be the hardest one because past Inverness there are not many trains to  get you to Wick.


Day 2 would be about 435 miles long and involve a few trains, should have been 4 but it became 5 as I will explain later. By the end of the day I would be 20 miles from completion and John o Groats, weather was very warm and enjoyable even though I only saw from inside a metal box (train). I again had a poor nights sleep but woke up feeling fairly confident everything would be okay (didn’t want to stress too much), arrived at Carlisle Station early for my train, Patrick from the Arkale Lodge had done me a packed lunch because I was missing breakfast so Day 2 was go,go,go ..first train 0652 to Carstairs left on time .. yes going to be a good day .. well it lasted about 20 minutes when the guard announced trains towards Glasgow & Haymarket were cancelled because of Overhead Line Damage. NOOOOOOO!!!! don’t do this to me please, it was what I had dreaded even in the 8 months of planning.. LEJOG maybe be LECARSTAIRS.

Working on the railway my disruption head kicked in, National Rail Enquiries bail me out please, so away I went googling the possibilities to get to Inverness in time to board the 1400 train to Wick which I had to do no matter how long it took or route I had to go because if I didn’t get that train at 1400 I would be stranded in Inverness, trying to find a hotel and still having to pay for the one in Wick. I found a route from Motherwell to Glasgow Central then Glasgow Queen Street to Inverness .. at the time I found it there was no other choice but to go that way and arrive in Inverness at 1329 (SUCCESS), then good news the guard announced that a Cross Country service would stop to pick anybody up that was going to Haymarket or Edinburgh .. and Breathe Out .. there was a god and he worked for Cross Country, you may ask why was that train going to Haymarket but Trans Pennines wasnt, well Cross Country run diesel trains and the TPE was electric so that was the reason we couldn’t go forward on their train.

Now I still knew it would be a testing day because anymore problems along the way would put even the part of the journey in jeopardy that was why I planned to travel a little earlier and as you know that didn’t happen, but at least I made it to Inverness for my connecting train with 28 minutes to spare. So last train of the day on the most remote rail line in Britain, The Far North Line from Inverness through some of the most stunning scenery I have ever seen, when we went past Dingwall which probably was the last main part of civilisation until Thurso and that is the 23rd station on the line and only the 3rd staffed one too, Inverness, Dingwall & Wick being the others where rail staff work. The whole trip to Wick on the Far North Line is 4 hours 22 minutes long so I reached Wick at 1840 (late and just about summed up the day since Carstairs).

The train was only 2 carriages and I thought it wouldn’t be busy but it was, it seemed a lot of people were travelling to Thurso, The line up to Wick goes from 2 lines to single track several times along the way so my train had to wait for a few minutes while a Southbound train went past us heading back to Inverness. Anyway there I was at with my home on wheels (holdall, rucksack & laptop) thinking I cant wait to chill out and eat some proper food at last when a guy called Jonathan who had travelled up from Dingwall came to me just before Georgemas Junction, he asked me about my T Shirt and the charities on it and what was I doing, so explained everything when he told me that it was the Prostate Cancer bit that caught his eye because  he had suffered the disease and he was only 33, we got talking more and a couple of people who were sat round me listened intently as I talked about how I set off from Lands End the day before heading for John o Groats. He asked if I had a collection tin which I had and could he take it through the train for me, remember this is a complete stranger I had only just met, so I gave him the tin and a lady sat behind me gave a generous donation Judith was her name and other people were throwing coins into the tin, I will open the tin when I get back home on Thursday night.

Arrived at my B&B for the night Harbour House, my room overlooked the harbour and out towards the sea, it had been sunny all day and the sunset was awesome and all I needed now was the Northern Lights to happen, but I was to be let down with that one. I had a poor nights sleep again, don’t know if it was the adrenalin or too much going through my head about Day 3 and the last leg to John o Groats but I saw the moon rise about 330am, I was stood in the window looking out towards the sea and saw this bright orangy yellow light appear suddenly, I have never seen anything like it and again another first, also about 0430am I saw the sunrise which again I havent seen nothing like it even in Wolverhampton.

Day 2 finally completed and after a challenging day it was time to check out the most northern Wetherspoons in Britain The Alexander Bain and to get a picture of the Cask Marque for my mate Richy, a real ale enthusiast who collects them, a bit like train spotters collect numbers (im doing that for my LEJoG not because Im a spotter lol but for my records and stats which I will post when I have sorted it all out).

Big day tomorrow Wednesday but a lot shorter day, hope the weather is good for the last leg.