The “Perfect” Day 3 & 4 – Mission Done

The day as arrived, day 3 is the day I reach my goal JOHN o GROATS, after 18 hours 32 minutes of travelling plus waiting time my final journeys start. Mid morning start 0802 from Wick to Thurso a short 20 mile hop followed by a 20 minute wait for the Number 80 bus along the coastline to John o Groats and completion of my trek. Only 45 minutes here so usual pictures and a fridge magnet bought as a souvenir before the bus back to Thurso.

So after completing my End to End journey its time for a 96 minute wait in Thurso for my journey back home with an overnight stop in Inverness, the journey back down the Far North Line starts at 1306 and even though it doesn’t look a long journey on paper actually takes just under 4 hours, no doubt extreme tiredness will have hit me by now but the satisfaction of completing something that started planning in September 2016 will be  far_north_map

worth it. Arrive in Inverness at my earliest finish just after 1700, find my BnB for the night, get sorted then find a Wetherspoons “The Kings Highway” for something to eat, a couple of celebration beers and complete the real journey blog, I will be compiling day by day in a book then just uploading to this blog so you can compare the “PERFECT” journey to what actually happened (guarantee something will go wrong at some point).

Day 4 I actually have a sleep in, my train doesn’t leave til 0845 down to Edinburgh with a change at Perth for a connecting service, I could get an earlier service but really want to get this one for something different. The journey down from Inverness passes through the mountains of Aviemore then Kingussie and Pitlochry before arriving at Perth, wont have time to see much here though 7 minute connection for my  trip to Edinburgh arriving at 1222 passing through Kirkcaldy, Inverkeithing and Haymarket for a 30 minute wait for my final train back home to Wolverhampton, hopefully will have time for another Wetherspoons ticked off my list “The Booking Office” on Waverley Bridge.

Wick to Thurso via John o Groats by bus (not my trip)

Final journey starts on the 1252 Virgin Trains service to London Euston but I’m only going as far as Wolverhampton for journey end, passing through a city I stayed in at the end of Day 1, Carlisle then the Lake District town of Penrith down back into the Industrial North West towns of Preston, Wigan North Western, Warrington and Crewe I finally arrive back home, tired, happy and well proud of my achievement of travelling from one end of Britain to the other in Scotland.

24 hours 48 minutes on the actual LEJoG and  22 hours 45 minutes of build up and travelling to Penzance and back from Thurso, my little storybook and pictures and all my connections and hotels all signed as proof its 


The blogs so far are not the real thing just a view of what would be perfection, the REAL JOURNEY blog will come in May when I do the actual trip.

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