A Little Hiccup LEJoG .. Re-Route to JoG


Thought I would have a look at the bus timetables for my mad idea and trust me I’m glad I did because the new summer timetables have happened and because I started planning my journey when probably the winter timetables were in place I have found a couple of changes have happened so time to fine tune AGAIN!!! the Cornwall leg was okay no changes there, it was at the opposite end of the country where the hiccup was ..


So looking at Day 3 on the image above my original timings involved a train to  Thurso  to connect in with a bus to John o Groats with a 20 minute wait and connection time but the bus company have altered their timetables and if I stuck to the original journey I would  not be able to make my train connection later in the day, so question is what do I do??? heads spinning thinking I wont be able to complete LEJoG but a bit of research kicks in and from what I thought would have been an early start in Wick and another long day changed in the space of 20 minutes ….


Originally I would have had to get a train from Wick to Thurso at the mega early hour of 0618 to Thurso then wait 1 hour and 17 minutes for a bus to John o Groats changing buses to get to John o Groats for about 0915, get my pictures and officially complete the journey before starting the long trek home. I checked the route that the 77 bus did from Arkangill and found it was on the same route as Wick and because I am stopping in Wick the night before the thought came that I might as well cancel the train leg of the journey, what was the point of going to Thurso to find out the bus I would be on to get to John o Groats actually comes from Wick so there it was an extra 2 hours sleep plus actually getting breakfast and a short walk to Wick Bus Terminal for a 0840 journey to my final destination taking 35 minutes to get there and giving me the answer I thought I wouldn’t have and that’s getting my train connection at 1306 to Inverness. 50 minutes in the most “northern” point in the UK and a bus back to Thurso 19 minutes earlier than my original bus but a lot better for my connection back to Inverness by train.

Headache solved thinking 8 months of planning would have to be totally thrown out of the window but now i know I can complete the journey .. no more headaches (hopefully).


Above is the updated mileage and stats sheet plus my sponsorship as of 27th April which is either promised (to be collected after completion) or donated already, only £324 to go towards my original target and anything else will be a bonus.

18 days to go hopefully this will be my last panic that something will go wrong .. the trains will be okay I have requested it with him upstairs, it wont rain and will be sunny all the time .. I will get another dream happen and that’s to see the Northern Lights (Wick is the place).